If the tyre pressure is not proper, you have to shell out more money for maintaining your car. This is because unless the tyre is properly inflated, more energy is required to run the vehicle. Not only that, if you want to pick up speed, you again spend more energy for it. So, more energy consumption means that your car is giving out more harmful gases, which will not only affect us adversely but also the environment. So, make your bit of contribution to the environment by keeping your tyre pressure optimum at all times. Let us see what the other consequences are if you do not have your car tyres inflated properly.


Appropriate tyre pressure gives better mileage

If your car tyres are not inflated to the optimum or rather to its full capacity, you fail to get proper mileage. Study conducted at the Carnegie Mellon University indicates that the mileage can improve by as much as 3.3% with proper inflated tyres.

It is also important to check the pressure in tyres frequently; at least once a month would suffice. Till the time you are using the original tyres, you don’t have to worry about the pressure at the time of buying the vehicle. This is because the original tyre pressure details are usually mentioned in the user manual so you can be sure about the same. But the trouble starts when you are using a replacement tyre. In this case the PSI or the Pound Per Square Inch rating may be different. So, you might have to double check with the replacement tyre manufacturer.

When the weather is cold, the internal pressure of the tyres increases if it has been running on the road for quite some time. However, the pressure is restored when the car stops. So, it is important to check the pressure of tyres when the temperature drops on a particular day.

Tyre pressure monitoring system

These days you will find that most of the tyre manufacturers are required to install tyre pressure monitoring system. In this there are tiny sensors that are attached to the wheels. The moment the pressure on the tyres drop by more than 25% of the standard PSI, the sensor will send signals. So, after the introduction of this system, the consumers will have to shell out a little more for the maintenance of their vehicles.

It has also been established that if the tyre pressure is good, the incidence of accidents is also minimized considerably.

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