People who are looking to purchase a car will most of the time instantly think of buying a new one for varying reasons and they will forget idea of looking for a used car. Their reasons usually revolve around the fact that used cars come with a manufacturers warranty and will therefore be fixed if anything goes wrong with them.

In this article we will prove to you that buying a used car is sometimes a better option for the following very solid reasons:

* One of the most important factors when choosing a new or used car is the price. These days you can find cars that are only six months old with very low milleage and their selling price has been reduced up to 30 percent of what it was 6 months ago. How used can such a car be? This kind of car will still have at least two and a half years of warranty left (probably more depending on the manufacturer). It is true that it depends a lot on how it was previously used by its first owner, but lets face it, 6 months old used car can not be that bad, right?

Buying a Used Car

And besides, you can always get a mechanic to check it over, if you are buying a car on finance they will often send a mechanic to check it over for free. The price of a new car is always a result from various antecedents, such as promoting the car on the market, exhibiting it in the showroom, profits for the dealer, commission for the sales person and so on. All these costs are reduced considerably when it comes to a used cars price.

* If you do not have the money to pay upfront, you may want to apply for a car loan and guess what? You can often qualify for lower interest rates on a loan for a nearly new car as opposed to a loan on a brand new one, this is because a new car immediately loses 30 percent or more of its value as soon as you buy it so the lender is taking more risk with a new car as opposed to a second hand one.

One other thing that you may not know about is that many lending financial institutions along with used car dealerships offer facilities for financing the purchase of used cars. As a result you will get a cheaper car with lower loan repayments.

* When buying a car, new or used, consider what you will use it for, compare brands and test drive several before you make a final decision.

The good thing about used car dealers is that they usually have several different brands and different types of car for you to look at, this is not possible with new car dealers who only present one or two brands of cars.

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