Car insurance provides you with the peace of mind and relaxed attitude you deserve on a holiday. However, it can be often quite hard to know what to look for when picking a car rental insurance. Luckily for you, we have a number of great tips….


One of the main concerns is price and if you fail to choose the correct sort of cover you may end up paying a lot more than you bargained for. Most car rental companies will offer you higher prices that you would expect and this is why its often better to go with a third party retailer to get your insurance.

Check Coverage

Be sure to check what your insurance cover will meet. There are all sorts of policies and you should be sure to check up the details before you get cover. Be aware of rental companies, as they tend to fluff you up with all sorts of business speak. A third party insurance retailer often offers a far more straight talking and viable alternative than the rental company so consider using them instead.

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Small Print

Reading the policies small print can make all the difference if there is an issue. People tend to have strange perceptions of the things that car insurance covers. The best way to get a straight and real understanding of what your cover includes is to read the policy in full. Assumptions tend to lead to issues and should be avoided. So, take some time to read it and you will get an understanding of whats really included.


Check that the policy will cover you and your car for the whole duration of the stay. One mistake people tend to make is that they will purchase cover but get the dates of the car hire mixed up. This can be an issue and may mean that you are not covered for the duration of the stay.

Local Laws

Depending on where you are, the laws and rules of the road may differ. Its a big world and you need to know how to act when in a different country. You may unwittingly be breaking the rules of the road or causing an issue that breaches the contract. So, make sure you are down with all the details of the locality before you get behind the wheel.

Car insurance for rentals can make life a lot easier, safer and also provides you with the peace of mind that you need on a holiday. Just be sure to take in the aforementioned advice and you shouldn’t have any such issue with your car hire or its insurance.

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