Driverless Racing Cars

Many people know about driverless cars and there may be many people that are hoping the technology moves quickly so that they can easily start to move from place to place without actually having to drive. The daily commute could be a lot less tiring if you did not have to drive and it could be more fun as you could do your hobbies in the car or even start work during your journey. A step onwards from this thought would be a driverless racing car.

A racing car is built in a very different way to a road vehicle of course, but a driverless one would be even more different. Firstly, it would eliminate the risks that are taken by the racing drivers so any crashes would only damage the cars and not the driver. They would also not need all of the safety features that are built into racing cars at the moment. It would create a very different types of race, where the driver’s skill was no longer a factor and it was purely the potential of the car that was being measured. This is an idea that has been considering. They like the idea of driverless racing cars so much, that they actually decided to design some. They envisioned what they thought a driverless car would look like and designed six of them based on current car designs.

The first was an Aston Martin but unfortunately the design shares none of the beautiful design of an Aston Martin. Of course, those lovely curved wheels have to be flattened when made into a racing car design that has minimum air resistance and so it could not possibly keep that old-fashioned elegance but it still looks to be the most stylish of the bunch. The BMW inspired car looks rather sharper and pointier at the rear with a gap at the centre underneath which could cause problems with drag. It certainly looks more modern though. The Bugatti design is flat and sleek and the rounded nose like shape at the front makes it look like it would be a very efficient shape for speed. The Chevrolet has some pointy parts coming up from the front wheels and the middle of the car which not only make it look aggressive but could create air resistance as would the raised back of the vehicle. The Ferrari style certainly looks typical of a Ferrari design and being low to the ground would help its speed but the flaps towards the middle could cause a lot of drag. Lastly the Nissan looks more like a rocket than a car but has the highest back wheels so it would seem that a lot of drag could be caused by that large gap.

It would certainly be exciting to see these cars race, but without testing a driver it would be hard to know whether the race would be as exciting as racing is now.

Buying New Tyres for Your Car

When you’re spinning out of control on an icy patch of road, it’s too late to think about buying tyres for your car. Now’s the time, before the first winter storm, to get those new treads. In the process, you want to keep your finances under control as well. So follow these tips when you are making a search for tyres and improve your chances for finding the highest quality tyres at the best price:

Buy the Appropriate Tyre for Your Vehicle

Do you drive a sedan, an SUV, a truck or a zippy sports car? What you drive affects what kind of tyres you’ll need. What type of road conditions do you drive in? Wet, snowy or icy? Mountainous or flat? Read More

Why we should be outraged at the VW Emissions Scandal

Many of you will be aware of the VW emissions scandal, where the company reported that their cars emitted fewer pollutants than they actually did. However, less of you may realise why this is such an important issue, both to buyers of VW cars and everyone else as well.

The reason that car manufacturers have to measure their emissions is because buyers want to know how much they will be polluting the environment when they are driving their vehicle. There are also rules on emissions and regulations which state what levels cars need to be at and these need to be met by manufacturers. Those buyers that picked a VW because they thought that it would be kinder to the environment than other models will have been sold a vehicle under false pretences. This means that they could be very cross about the fact that they are causing more pollution than they thought that they would be. It is worth them knowing that it could be possible for them to get VW emissions compensation. This may give them some peace of mind, but what about the rest of us?

It is worth thinking about what impact these false reading ill have had on the rest of us. Firstly, other car manufacturers may have been doing the same thing or copy the idea now and so we could all be buying cars which are more damaging to the environment than we realise. Hopefully tests and checks have tightened up so this may not happen, but it could just mena that manufacturers get cleverer at cheating on the results. Read More

Learn how to Control Anger on the Road

Have you ever gotten extremely angry when the person in front of you cuts you off or drives excessively slow? We’ve all gotten frustrated behind the wheel before but if you are experiencing feelings of extreme rage, anxiousness and irritability you may be having a burst of road rage. From personal experience, I believe that these incidents are more likely to occur in the mornings when people are in a hurry to get to their place of employment in a timely fashion.

One simple way to lessen the chances of road rage occurring is to leave around fifteen minutes earlier than you usually do. It’s important to do so because you can never anticipate road conditions. There might be significant slowing on the streets due to a major accident and certain streets may be blocked off. One time I left work to only discover that the nearest major street with a freeway on ramp was closed off and I was forced to enter the 405 freeway on another street. Not only did this make my route longer but the line to enter the freeway was extremely long and set me back around 15 minutes. Leaving a bit earlier gives you extra time in case something slows you down on the road.  Read More

Financing Options When Buying Your First Car

If you have just passed your test and are on the lookout to purchase your first car through either privately or via a car dealer, you should check around so that you know beforehand what financing options are there available to you. Car dealers often offer financing options but their rates are usually quite high, it pays to check out all finance options that are available to you before signing on the dotted line.

* One financing option is to pay cash for your first motor. Paying cash can put you in a very good negotiating position.

Not many people can afford to pay cash upfront when they want to purchase a car, especially if it is their first but if you save the money over time, you will probably manage to save enough. To make it easier try to think about this saving as if you are paying a monthly rate for a loan on a car you already have, the good thing is that this is loan wont cost anything in interest. It requires a lot of discipline to save but it is not impossible, many people have done it before, so why cant you? Read More