Why we should be outraged at the VW Emissions Scandal

Many of you will be aware of the VW emissions scandal, where the company reported that their cars emitted fewer pollutants than they actually did. However, less of you may realise why this is such an important issue, both to buyers of VW cars and everyone else as well.

The reason that car manufacturers have to measure their emissions is because buyers want to know how much they will be polluting the environment when they are driving their vehicle. There are also rules on emissions and regulations which state what levels cars need to be at and these need to be met by manufacturers. Those buyers that picked a VW because they thought that it would be kinder to the environment than other models will have been sold a vehicle under false pretences. This means that they could be very cross about the fact that they are causing more pollution than they thought that they would be. It is worth them knowing that it could be possible for them to get VW emissions compensation. This may give them some peace of mind, but what about the rest of us?

It is worth thinking about what impact these false reading ill have had on the rest of us. Firstly, other car manufacturers may have been doing the same thing or copy the idea now and so we could all be buying cars which are more damaging to the environment than we realise. Hopefully tests and checks have tightened up so this may not happen, but it could just mena that manufacturers get cleverer at cheating on the results. Read More

Learn how to Control Anger on the Road

Have you ever gotten extremely angry when the person in front of you cuts you off or drives excessively slow? We’ve all gotten frustrated behind the wheel before but if you are experiencing feelings of extreme rage, anxiousness and irritability you may be having a burst of road rage. From personal experience, I believe that these incidents are more likely to occur in the mornings when people are in a hurry to get to their place of employment in a timely fashion.

One simple way to lessen the chances of road rage occurring is to leave around fifteen minutes earlier than you usually do. It’s important to do so because you can never anticipate road conditions. There might be significant slowing on the streets due to a major accident and certain streets may be blocked off. One time I left work to only discover that the nearest major street with a freeway on ramp was closed off and I was forced to enter the 405 freeway on another street. Not only did this make my route longer but the line to enter the freeway was extremely long and set me back around 15 minutes. Leaving a bit earlier gives you extra time in case something slows you down on the road.  Read More

Financing Options When Buying Your First Car

If you have just passed your test and are on the lookout to purchase your first car through either privately or via a car dealer, you should check around so that you know beforehand what financing options are there available to you. Car dealers often offer financing options but their rates are usually quite high, it pays to check out all finance options that are available to you before signing on the dotted line.

* One financing option is to pay cash for your first motor. Paying cash can put you in a very good negotiating position.

Not many people can afford to pay cash upfront when they want to purchase a car, especially if it is their first but if you save the money over time, you will probably manage to save enough. To make it easier try to think about this saving as if you are paying a monthly rate for a loan on a car you already have, the good thing is that this is loan wont cost anything in interest. It requires a lot of discipline to save but it is not impossible, many people have done it before, so why cant you? Read More

High quality Hutchinson Poly-V Belt

For those who do not know what the poly-v belt is, is a small but essential part of the car. This is a V-belt which has longitudinal edges. Its main purpose is to increase the force of friction. It is mainly used to start the generator. It is also used for the water pump, and also many other functions. The material used to make a poly-v belt is rubber. Within the belt, you will find a steel rod, which is used to increase efficiency. It is essential that you make sure that your Hutchinson Poly-v Belt is always in good condition or various functions of the car will not operate well.

Hutchinson Poly-V Belt

One of the most common faults of the poly-v belt is the brake. When you take your vehicle to be checked due to a poly-v problem, it will be carried out depending on the area of breakage. If the belt does not completely work, it is easy to determine the reason for failure. As the vehicle owner, it is very important that you replace the belt once it is damaged. In some cases, a non-working poly-v belt usually is an indication of the engine overheating.

When you are purchasing a new Hutchinson poly-v belt it is important to you consider all your options and make sure that you get the right one for your vehicle. The main belt usually starts the generator. The replacement can be done by the owner, but it may be difficult to find the belt. There is a long process involved, so you may need help from your mechanic. At various car shops, you will be able to find spare Hutchinson poly-v belts, you need to make sure that you get the right one. Also, ensure that it is of high quality so that you do not have a problem once it has been replaced.

Quality BWD Oil Temperature Sensor

The oil temperature sensor is an essential part of the vehicle. It is mainly used to check and measure the temperature of the oil that is in the engine. When there is a change in the oil temperature, a message is sent to the indicator informing the car owner of the change. You may find that in most vehicles oil temperature is usually not displayed since it might not be important to the owner of the vehicle. But, when it comes to high-end vehicles and also sports cars, you will find that they are equipped with an oil temperature sensor.

If you require an oil temperature sensor in your vehicle, you need to make sure that you get the right kind of sensor, a BWD oil temperature sensor. Today you find that various car tuning fans come with oil temperature. When you go to buy spare parts for your vehicle you need to make sure that the oil indicator and sensor are compatible with each other so as to ensure effectiveness. The sensor can be installed into the engine block, which usually requires a special adapter. The process of installing the oil temperature sensor is quite easy and you can easily do it by yourself.

Oil Temperature SensorThe price of the BWD oil sensor is quite cheap and affordable. As a car owner, you may require special instructions to install the part. You can easily find ideal sensors over the internet or spare parts shops. To many an oil temperature sensor may not be important to them, but in other cases they are quite important. Depending on the vehicle you are using, you may require a good BWD oil temperature sensor. It is important that you get the right one which is compatible with your vehicle so that it works well. You do not want to have your engine heating u due to negligence.